Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment Therapy on the Subjective Well-being of Selected Athletes as Manifested by their EEG Brainwave Activity

Rhea A. Zervoulakos1,2,*, Rosalito G. De Guzman1, David Arthur3

Author Affliations

1The Graduate School, University of Santo Tomas
2Angeles University Foundation, Angeles City, Philippines
3Charles Darwin University, Melbourne, Australia


This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment (MAC) Therapy (Gardner, F.L., 2006) in improving the subjective well-being of student athletes. Utilizing the small N ABA design, three student athletes were pre- and post-tested with EEG using the Neurosky Brain Computer Interface to measure their baseline brainwave activity, as well as with the Subjective Well-being Scale for Filipinos to measure their baseline level of subjective well-being. The student athletes had also been subjected to MAC Therapy for eight weeks. Data analyses showed an apparent increase in the level of Subjective Well-being of the participants after the MAC Therapy treatment condition. Likewise, changes in the EEG alpha wave patterns were also observed, which revealed the apparent effectiveness of MAC Therapy in enhancing the subjective well-being of the student athletes as manifested by their EEG brainwave activity.