Assessment of Leadership Style Using the Managerial Grid Model and Factors that may Influence the Perceptions of Leaders and Subordinates

John Erinorio M. Perez, Ph.D1,*

Author Affliations

1Institute for Governance and Rural Development, College of Public Affairs and Development, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Philippines


The Managerial Grid by Blake and Mouton has five classifications of leadership style: a) Team oriented; b) Organization man; c) Country club; d) Impoverished, and e) Task oriented. The study was conducted to determine the leadership style of the Operations Manager of a textile company in an urban setting. It was done using a survey method through questionnaires of the Managerial Grid by Blake and Mouton. The 76 respondents where categorized into three sets: a) the superior of the leader; b) the leader; and c) the subordinates. Responses were analyzed using the percentage, ranking and mode as descriptive statistical tool and representation of values assigned in the Managerial Grid. Perception of 59.21 percent matched the quadrant of the “organization man” and “team-oriented” manager. Most of the respondents who gave favorable scores were those who had frequent interactions with him. Several recommendations are presented as follows a) the respondents should consider levelling-off among themselves to promote good leader-subordinate relations; b) the Managerial Grid should be augmented by other research tools to yield comprehensive results and; c) the Managerial Grid is a leadership assessment tool that promotes analysis of leadership style by using standard set of questionnaires designed for the purpose.