A commentary on the impacts and outcomes of COVID-19 and lockdown in Bangladesh and the Philippines: A preliminary look at the current discussion

Jolita Atienza1,*, Shayek Ahmed2

Author Affliations

1Southeast Asian Studies Department, Universität Passau, Germany
2MBA, North South University, Bangladesh


The COVID-19 outbreak caught everyone by surprise and brought a sense of uncertainty. Majority of the countries enforced lockdown to control the spread; however, it has caused distress since it led to sudden changes on people’s lives. In Asia, the effects of movement restrictions were immediately felt - especially in countries that have marginalized groups and weak healthcare systems. The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of COVID – 19 and subsequent lockdown and, measures to reduce the negative impacts by analyzing the approaches of two countries– Bangladesh and the Philippines. Impacts on religion, economics and psychosocial and measures to address the relevant negative outcomes are studied and preliminary findings suggest their likelihood of influencing the way people interact and respond to existing systems and values. This paper also takes a special look at the work of NGOs operating in both countries, the unique challenges they are facing, and interventions utilized on the ground through their collaborative emergency management.