Effects of Christian Communication in Student Organizations of UST Campus Ministry in the Use of Social Media

Vanessa M. Puno1,*

Author Affliations

1The Graduate School, University of Santo Tomas, Espana Blvd., Metro Manila
*[email protected]


Christian communication is God’s communication in His Trinity, continues in Revelation, Incarnation, the Holy Spirit and in communication of the Church as people of God revealing His presence in this age in communion. The study shows the effects of Christian communication in Student Religious Organizations of the UST Center for Campus Ministry in the use of Facebook. Our Christian communication which is God’s communication today that is present in a Thomasian community in a campus ministry influences our relationship with each other and our interaction with God are derived from principles of communication of Jesus, and convergence theory. The specific objectives of the present study are: to describe the vision and mission of the University of Santo Tomas Campus Ministry; and to describe each effect of Christian communication in the student religious organizations of UST Campus ministry in using social media based on the following aspects – spiritual, social relations, discipleship and information. Its campus evangelization has involved students to give witness to Jesus as the perfect communicator of the gospel, in its various ways including face to face interaction, online communication and leadership trainings. Interview of each president of the SROs as well as survey questionnaire were the research instruments of the study. Some recommendations for this study are the following: the Christian communication in the campus ministry has to be shown online and offline; the Christian communication, “the giving of self in love” has to be reciprocated in the SROs through a common ground, discipleship and giving witness to God’s communication as communicator par excellence. The use of Facebook as a communication platform to develop relationships has to be used in a compassionate way.